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The Mandrake FAQ

(Feel free to post good information about using MUTE on Mandrake here for future reference, please follow the format already created here)

!! Does MUTE run on Mandrake 9.2 ?

Yes, just download the supplied "LinuxX86" binary of MUTE and unpack it into a directory as a user, no need to go root with it.

MUTE doesn't really work on Mandrake 8.2, unless you have upgraded a lot of the libraries. However, the console only version compiles on 8.2 and 9.2 without all the wxwindows / wxpython libraries installed.

!! How do I compile MUTE on Mandrake 9.2 ?

Check to see if "wxPython" was already installed. It's installed if you checked the box for development workstation when you first installed Mandrake. Look for "wxconfig" in this directory using the "ls" command:

ls -l /usr/lib/wxPython/bin/wx-config

It's typically a symbolic link to the actual config file. If it's there then "wxPython" is already installed.

If not, go to your Mandrake Control Center (in KDE ->Configuration->Packaging->Install Software) and search for "wxPython" and select the "devel" RPMs and install them. If it's not on your CDs for some reason, you may need to configure your RPM sources for a proper Mandrake FTP mirror source (use the Software Media Manager in KDE).

There's also a package called "wxGTK-2.4.2-1mdk" that may also work for you, remember to run "ldconfig" after installing the package.

Go to the MUTE [Project Page |] and download the latest source code, "MUTE_fileSharing-0.X.X_~UnixSource.tar.gz" (change "0.X.X" to whatever version is current).

This gives you the files needed to compile the GUI version of MUTE. At a console, cd into your working directory and do the following to unpack the archive and build the ap:

tar -xzvf MUTE_fileSharing-0.X.X_~UnixSource.tar.gz

cd MUTE_fileSharing-0.X.X_~UnixSource


Pick "GNU/Linux X86", then when it asks for "Enter full path to wxWindows wx-config script" enter:


That's where the RPM put "wx-config", if not go look for it in those directories.

Next pick "wxWindows graphical UI" and it should compile MUTE, if all went well (normally with some warnings but no ERRORs) you should find the completed program in:


You should check the date of the compiled program to make sure it just compiled (it will be a old date if the compile failed) and use the settings in the "settings" directory with this new version.

Compiling the console text only version of MUTE is the same, you can find the compiled program in:


If you are going to compile more times, you can create a symbolic link to the "wx-config" file in the default place like this (as root):

ln -s /usr/lib/wxPython/bin/wx-config /usr/bin/wx-config

Oh yea, for some reason (in V0.3 and V0.4) when you compile the second time, you will find the compiled program in:


!! How do I compile MUTE on Mandrake 10 ?

You can follow the same procedure as described above for Mandrake 9.2

!! How do I compile the latest CVS version on Mandrake 9.2 ?

See the section on downloading CVS in the MuteDevFaq

Always do a "cvs update" command to get the latest source.

The rest is about the same as above except you need to copy the "minorGems" directory and the ~"runToBuild" shell script from the "MUTE_fileSharing-0.X.X_~UnixSource" directory and place them into the directory below the CVS directory and then run the "runToBuild" script from there.

If you fix a bug, please report and post a diff file to the bug report section on the [Project Page |]

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